A Few Words from Mal About Shipping Costs – Plus a FREE GIFT with Your Order!

We know . . . we know! You just want one bottle of e-Naturals® Glass & Window Cleaner for $5.85, but the shipping is more than the item itself!

Unfortunately, liquid products are heavy . . . that 32 oz. bottle of glass cleaner weighs 2.25 pounds without the box and padding!

So here’s a little GIFT to help ease the pain — we’ll include a FREE GIFT of ONE PACKAGE of FOUR (4) WHITE LIGHT-DUTY SCRUB PADS with your initial order of any e-Naturals® brand liquid cleaning product!

And here’s a little SUGGESTION — TRY MORE STUFF! Yes, your total shipping cost will be slightly higher, but shipping for two bottles is only around a dollar more than shipping for one bottle. It’s a perfect opportunity to give something else a try . . . like our e-Naturals® Citrus Hand Dishwashing Liquid. Made with premium all-natural ingredients, it has the wonderful aroma of freshly-squeezed oranges and tangerines, is kind to skin, and works great! Or throw in several of our fruit-veggie-critter loofah scrubbers . . . they can be used in both kitchen and bath and make terrific gifts.

Thanks for visiting e-Naturals.com!

Best Wishes,

– Mal –

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