Essential Toiletries

When InStyle magazine asked me for some expert green cleaning tips for their April 2011 issue, they also asked me to review this new product from BioKleen. I’d used the BioKleen Bac-Out® Stain & Odor Eliminator in the past and was really impressed with how it completely eliminated odors, so I agreed to give their new BioKleen Lavender-Lime Bac-Out® Bathroom Cleaner a try.

The editors sent a bottle to me, and I tested it on some grungy sinks and a smelly toilet bowl. The product really does work great . . . soap scum and grime cleaned up easily without a lot of scrubbing. But where it really excels is in the toilet bowl. Since my review, I’ve been using it about twice a week to spray the inside of my toilet bowl, and guess what . . . no odors and no need to brush the bowl in over two months! (Sh-h-s-sh . . . please don’t tell my mother!)

Completely non-toxic, the product contains enzymes and beneficial bacteria that actually digest and eliminate any odor-causing bacteria on the surface you’re cleaning.

Where to buy:
Available at Whole Foods

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