A Few Words from Mal About Shipping Costs – Plus a FREE GIFT with Your Order!

We know . . . we know! You just want one bottle of e-Naturals® Glass & Window Cleaner for $5.85, but the shipping is more than the item itself!

Unfortunately, liquid products are heavy . . . that 32 oz. bottle of glass cleaner weighs 2.25 pounds without the box and padding!

So here’s a little GIFT to help ease the pain — we’ll include a FREE GIFT of ONE PACKAGE of FOUR (4) WHITE LIGHT-DUTY SCRUB PADS with your initial order of any e-Naturals® brand liquid cleaning product!

And here’s a little SUGGESTION — TRY MORE STUFF! Yes, your total shipping cost will be slightly higher, but shipping for two bottles is only around a dollar more than shipping for one bottle. It’s a perfect opportunity to give something else a try . . . like our e-Naturals® Citrus Hand Dishwashing Liquid. Made with premium all-natural ingredients, it has the wonderful aroma of freshly-squeezed oranges and tangerines, is kind to skin, and works great! Or throw in several of our fruit-veggie-critter loofah scrubbers . . . they can be used in both kitchen and bath and make terrific gifts.

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Essential Toiletries

When InStyle magazine asked me for some expert green cleaning tips for their April 2011 issue, they also asked me to review this new product from BioKleen. I’d used the BioKleen Bac-Out® Stain & Odor Eliminator in the past and was really impressed with how it completely eliminated odors, so I agreed to give their new BioKleen Lavender-Lime Bac-Out® Bathroom Cleaner a try.

The editors sent a bottle to me, and I tested it on some grungy sinks and a smelly toilet bowl. The product really does work great . . . soap scum and grime cleaned up easily without a lot of scrubbing. But where it really excels is in the toilet bowl. Since my review, I’ve been using it about twice a week to spray the inside of my toilet bowl, and guess what . . . no odors and read more…

Leave a Green Footprint

Make a difference by changing just one small aspect of your “environmental footprint” for the better.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • Buy and use a simple cartridge water filter on your faucet. (Pur® is the brand I use.) In addition to providing great-tasting water (no plastic taste), this one item alone can prevent hundreds of plastic water bottles from clogging our landfills. read more…

Cleaning Down Pillows at Home without Toxic Chemicals

I’ve cleaned my own feather and down pillows as well as a 100% down sleeping bag using the following method:

First, wash the pillows (no more than two at a time) in the washing machine using cold or lukewarm water, gentle cycle, with a mild liquid cleaning soap (not detergent) such as Woolite® EXTRA Delicates Care. It’s OK to substitute a “green” liquid laundry soap (not detergent), but the Woolite® works great. The idea is to avoid removing the natural oils from the down.

Fill the machine two-thirds full with water before adding the liquid soap, so that it’s completely diluted, and then add the pillows. If the machine has an extra rinse cycle, select it. Then, to ensure that all soap residue is completely removed, run a second complete wash/rinse cycle with no soap. Spin dry. If the machine has a fast spin cycle, select it. read more…

Toilet Cleaning

(A Bucket Flush Beats a Straight Flush Every Time)

When cleaning your toilet bowl, it’s best to remove as much water from the bowl as possible, so that liquid bowl cleaning products or powdered cleansers are not diluted or dispersed by the standing water in the bowl. You could use a small container to bail out the water, but here’s an easier way: read more…

Green Menu Item – Boiled Sponge

Instead of tossing out your kitchen sponge at the first sign of a sour odor, just submerge it for a minimum of 12-15 minutes in a large pot of boiling water. This process sanitizes the sponge and kills 100% of the odor-causing bacteria. Using a pair of tongs, agitate and flip the sponge every few minutes to ensure that the hot water reaches all surfaces. read more…

Green Bagging It

Dilemma — What do we do with all of those paper grocery bags we keep accumulating from the grocery store? Here are just a few suggestions:

Re-Use Bags
Many grocery store chains will reduce the amount of your register receipt by 5 to 15 cents per grocery bag that you bring back to the store for re-use on your next shopping expedition.

Cut the bottom from the bag, slit it completely down the long side, open it up and lay flat on top of the table, plain side up. Great for absorbing greasy spills from take-out food containers. read more…

green shopping bag with recycle logo

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